CME 8373 Student Contributions (Spring 2017)

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To demonstrate your understanding of the cyberinfrastructure and ICME you must complete a total of five (5) contributions to the ICME site. As you complete each of these contributions remember to categorize and cross-link each page appropriately. Contributions will not be considered complete until they are appropriately categorized and cross-linked.

Once you have obtained your login credentials and are able to edit pages you should visit the Editing ICME page to better understand the methods for creating and editing pages required for your contributions. Another helpful tip is to click on the Edit tab at the top of the page or in a particular section to view how others have formatted pages and sections.

Maintaining the format from previous classes, there are "Student #" sections available that are to be claimed by the student. Click on the link at the bottom to take you to the page for your educational institution. You will place a brief description and any relevant links for each of your contributions in the "Student #" section you choose. Email the "Student #" you have chosen to Brad Huddleston. DO NOT list your name on this page!

Details for each contribution to be made are given in the subsequent sections.

Contribution 1

Add a journal article that you have authored or co-authored to the site. Use the format demonstrated by Dr. Tschopp for completing this contribution.

If you have not authored or co-authored a journal article, contact Brad Huddleston for an article that you can use.

Contribution 2

Add a page or pages to the site related to an area of research that you are an expert in.

An example for this contribution is experimental testing of a metal using an Instron machine. In this example the page for Instron testing machines was first created then populated with information pertaining to several of their machines. Next, several machines housed at CAVS were listed and briefly described. After creating those sections cross-linking was performed to ensure that people looking for equipment at CAVS were directed to the correct page. A section for performing compression tests was then created to briefly describe the setup and execution of a single test. The last item addressed was categorizing the page created. Categorizing pages is an additional step that helps identify other pages that may be of interest to someone, but do not have a direct association with the page they are currently on.

The following excerpt was used for completing the experimental method of compression tests.

Here you would describe the methodology for testing the material as well as the Instron machine. 
* Are you using cylindrical samples? 
* Compression or tension? 
* Why should you use an extensometer? 
* Do you have images to contribute to this section (say an image of the machine or the setup of the test)?

There are several other contributions that could be made on this example page just related to testing a metal.

Subjects that could use attention:

  • Other electronics code models (FLAPW, etc.) from Dr. Shelton’s lecture
  • Add page for phase field model theory
  • Add a phase field model code
  • Add CALPHAD theory page
  • Add a CALPHAD code page
  • Add DAMASK Phase field/Crystal plasticity code (
  • Add other dislocation dynamics codes
  • Fill in Quantum Espresso code page and add to the code repository page
  • Add Quantum Espresso tutorials
  • Add “Sensitivity Analysis” page (link)
  • Fill in Scanning Electron Microscopes
  • Fill in Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Add a page for Stabix

There are countless other areas that are related to your research that have yet to make their way onto the ICME site. Remember that although some of these subjects may seem trivial to you, others may not find them so simple, and for that reason it is extremely important to be thorough in describing the machines, methods, etc. that you are contributing too.

If you feel that you are not an expert in any one area, or you cannot contribute to the subjects mentioned above, please speak with Dr. Horstemeyer or Brad Huddleston about a topic for contribution.

Contribution 3

To improve the robustness of the ICME website you will be tasked with cross-linking and categorizing pages that have already been populated. You are to find a minimum of two (2) pages that need to be cross-linked and/or categorized appropriately. Once you have completed your contribution list the pages that were updated along with the specific corrections that you made. Proper categorization is defined as having a minimum of three (3) categories to describe a page.

Keep in mind the saying "all roads lead to Rome" for this contribution as you are browsing the site i.e. Macroscale experiments, models, data, etc. should all be accessible from the Macroscale category page and should link back to the appropriate Macroscale page.

This site is accessed from all over the world directly and indirectly. These people may come to a dead-end page that has no categories nor links to additional pages, which could turn them away from continued use of the ICME site. We can prevent that from happening by adding the appropriate categories and cross-linking.

Excellent places to start are orphaned pages and uncategorized pages. These pages do not link to other pages on the site and are typically not categorized (note that many of these pages are spam and should be ignored).

Contribution 4

Add a link to a YouTube video related to modeling or experiments at one of the length scales to the appropriate page. 

Tutorial videos related to simulation software in the or post-processing methods for simulations are preferred.

Contribution 5

You are to create a page that includes the slide pertaining to the ICME topic you chose and a summarized description of your research proposal. This page should reflect any comments/criticism that you received for your slide as well as your proposal. Excellent examples are found here and here.

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