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0             SIDEJA            Simulation state key: 0=New or restart with control modification;  1=simple restart
0             mode_deformation  0=strain rate.; 1=make carto; 2=run carto; 3=stress rate.; 4=creep; 5=fatigue; 6=metalofute; 7=metalofute2

14.8          echelle           simulation reference scale, i.e. size of the elementary BD vectors. (unit = Burgers vectors)

F             Shear             Applied stress is the resolved shear stress on the slip system with the highest Schmid factor (false = uniaxial stress)
4.0           Sigma0            Initial stress (MPa)
1.00D-9        DELTAT0           Elementary time step (s)
1000000       SigmaPoint        Elementary stress increments (units ?)      (mode_deformation=3,6,7)
20            EpsilonPoint      Imposed strain rate (s-1)                   (mode_deformation=0,5,6,7)
1.5           RAID              Apparente Young modulus                     (mode_deformation=0,5,6,7)
3.0D-5        EPSMAX            Maximum plastic strain per cycles           (mode_deformation=5)
1.D0          FSIG              Sign of the loading for the first cycle     (mode_deformation=5)

2             LINTEN            Line tension key: 0 -> Friedel approx; 1 -> Isotropic; 2 -> Isotropic Foreman; 3 -> Anisotrpic solution
F             GLDEV             Cross slip key:GLDEV=True means cross-slip active

0 0 1         Tensile_axis      Tensile or compression uniaxial test direction (miller indices)
300.          TEMPERATURE       Tenperature (Kelvin)
100           Facteur_Depmax    Maximum displacement tolerate for a dislocation segment (unit=BD vectors)

50            NstatControl      Number of steps accounted for in the simulation control feedback procedure ((mode_deformation=0,5,6,7)

0             relax_TL          Number of steps for the intial relaxation with only a line tension
0             relax_INT         Number of steps for the intial relaxation with no applied loading and no contact reactions
0             relax_reac        Number of steps for the intial relaxation with no applied loading
500            NSTEP             Number of steps for the simulation

0.25          Ldis_act          Reference mean length to force segments discretization (micron)
0.50          Ldis_nact         Reference mean length to force segments discretization on inactive slip systems (micron)

20            Period            Step periodicity at which the force on waiting (quasi-imobile) segments is recalculate
10            KRC               Step periodicity at which the long-range contribution to the internal stress is recalculated (if Greengard method)
3.0           L_Boite	        Linear mean size of the domaines used in the Greengard method (micron), negative value means dynamically defined 
5.0           AB_LENGTH_SEUIL   Maximum length of segments neglected in the long range contribution (if Greengard method)
5             DCFJ              Distance at which stress is calculated on the segments connected to a junction (unit: vector BD)

0             GB                Barriers key: 0-> inactives, 1-> planes, 2->spherical, 3->regular 3D network (polycristal)

100           TauINT_LIMITE     Critical stress at which the segments are considered as singular (MPa)

400            KISAUVE           Writing periodicity of the simulation segment configuration and information needed to restart a computation
400            KSTATS            Writing periodicity if simulation results
400             KKIM              Writing periodicity of the trajectory film information
100            KPREDRAW          Periodicity of the graphical interaface refresh

0             shift_rotation    Key for the translation and rotation of the simulation box boundary conditions (see the file shift_rotation)

-6542         iterinfo          step of debbug  (negative means no debbug)
-2            sysinfo           slip system of interest in the debbug procedure (needed in simulations with many segments) 
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