LAMMPS Nanowire Deformation

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This page is under construction!!!

This is a tutorial to deform a nanowire. For this tutorial, We have a Magnesium single crystal nanowire which is deformed after Symmetry Calculation, Energy and Pressure Equilibration.

Author(s): Suman Kandel, Mark A. Tschopp

Corresponding Author: Mark Tschopp


The following input script shows how to generate a periodic nanowire and then deform it at a prescribed strain rate. Many files are dumped during the simulation in two different folder; equilibration dump files in one and deformed dump files in another. The dump files can then be easily viewed and post-processed for results.

LAMMPS Input file

#Deforming a Nanowire.

# ------------------------ INITIALIZATION ----------------------------
units        metal
boundary     p p p

atom_style   atomic

# ----------------------- ATOM DEFINITION ----------------------------
lattice hcp 3.20
region whole block 0  100 0 100 0 100 units box
create_box 1 whole
region LLF cylinder z  50 50 20  INF INF  units box
lattice hcp 3.20 orient x 1 0 0 orient y 0 1 0 orient z 0 0 1
create_atoms 1 region LLF
#delete_atoms overlap 0.5 all all

# ------------------------ FORCE FIELDS ------------------------------
pair_style   eam/fs
pair_coeff   * * Al-Mg.eam.fs Mg

# ------------------------- SETTINGS ---------------------------------
#### Computes Required
compute csym all centro/atom 12
compute 2 all stress/atom
compute mytemp all temp
compute 11 all reduce sum c_2[1]
compute 12 all reduce sum c_2[2]
compute 13 all reduce sum c_2[3]
compute 14 all reduce sum c_2[4]
compute 15 all reduce sum c_2[5]
compute 16 all reduce sum c_2[6]

neighbor     0.3 bin
neigh_modify delay 10
thermo 100
velocity all create 100.0 16723
thermo_style custom step temp etotal press pxx pyy pzz lx ly lz
shell mkdir dump
shell cd dump

#---------------Energy Equilibriation--------------------------
reset_timestep 0
fix 1 all nve
fix 2 all temp/rescale 10 100.0 100.0 1.0 0.5
dump 1 all custom 10000 dump.equilibrate.* id type x y z 

run 10000
unfix 1
unfix 2

#-----------------Pressure Equilibriation-----------------------
fix 1 all npt 100.0 100.0 10.0 aniso NULL NULL NULL NULL 0.0 0.0 10 drag 0.3
run 10000
unfix 1
undump 1
shell cd ..
shell mkdir deform
shell cd deform

#--------------------Storing Initial length---------------------
variable tmp equal "lz"
variable L0 equal ${tmp}
print "Initial Length, L0: ${L0}"
variable strain equal "v_srate/1e12"

reset_timestep 0
fix 1 all deform 1 z erate 0.0001 units box
fix 2 all nvt 100.0 100.0 10.0

variable strain equal "(lz - v_L0)/v_L0"
variable p1 equal "v_strain"
variable p2 equal "-pxx/10000"
variable p3 equal "-pyy/10000"
variable p4 equal "-pzz/10000"
variable p5 equal "lx"
variable p6 equal "ly"
variable p7 equal "lz"
variable p8 equal "temp"
variable p9 equal "pe"
variable p10 equal "ke"
variable p11 equal "-pxy/10000"
variable p13 equal "-pyz/10000"
variable p12 equal "-pxz/10000"
variable fm equal "(v_p2+v_p3+v_p4)/3" ##### Hydrostatic stress

variable fv equal "sqrt((v_p2-v_p3)^2+(v_p3-v_p4)^2+(v_p4-v_p2)^2+6*(v_p11^2+v_p12^2+v_p13^2)/2)" ######Von Mises Stress

variable t equal "v_fm/v_fv"
variable fd equal (((v_p2-v_fm)*(v_p3-v_fm)*(v_p4-v_fm))-v_p11^2*(v_p4-v_fm)-v_p12^2*(v_p3-v_fm)-v_p13^2*(v_p2-v_fm)+2*v_p11*v_p12*v_p13)####Deviatoric Von Mises stress

dump 2 all custom 10000 dump.defo.* id type x y z c_csym c_2[1] c_2[2] c_2[3] c_2[4] c_2[5] c_2[6]

fix def_print all print 100 "${p1} ${p2} ${p3} ${p4} ${p5} ${p6} ${p7} ${p8} ${p9} ${p10} ${p11} ${p12} ${p13} ${fm} ${fv} ${t} ${fd}" file mg001.defo.txt screen no
run 100000 

LAMMPS Logfile

Here is an example logfile that is obtained after running this script.

LAMMPS (13 Jul 2010)

Images and movies


S. Kandel and M.A. Tschopp would like to acknowledge funding provided under DOE.


The initial methodology was used in the following papers: Insert references here...

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