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(Student 10)
(Student 10)
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[["ICME of Sheet Forming of AZ31 Mg Alloys"]]
[["ICME of Sheet Forming of AZ31 Mg Alloys"]]
[["Failure Analysis of an AZ91 Automotive Shock Tower"]]

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Student 1

Help:Creating a New Page - Added explanation for creating new pages

Heat Treatment Processes - Annealing, Precipitation Hardening, Slight reformat


Macroscale material model

Image - Bullet mold

Animation - A7 steel tension test

Student 2

Picture - Graph
Electronic Scale - Overview
Picture - Multiscale Modeling

Student 3

Uncertainty - Uncertainty Analysis overview, Statistical Methods Added
Heat Treatment Processes - Overview of various processes
Material Models - Under MSF, added link to MSF Uncertainty
MSF Uncertainty

Student 4

Experiments-Structure-Property Relations of Paddlefish Cartilage

ICME overview for Paddlefish Rostrum

Bio-inspired section update

Student 5

Macroscale section update and Genetic Algorithm section added

Metamodeling section corrections and update

Biomaterials and Bio-inspired section update

Football Helmet Simulation Image

Football Helmet Simulation Animation

Student 6

Overview of birds' beaks section create

Bio-inspired design section update

Structural scale of the woodpecker beak section create

Image of the structural scale of the woodpecker beak

Wave propagation at hyoid bone simulation

Student 7

Corrosion Behaviour of Extruded AM30 Magnesium Alloy

Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of Extruded AM30 Magnesium Alloy

Corrosion Fatigue Uncertainty

Student 8

Overview for Geomaterial with Multiscale Modeling Perspective

Structural Scale: Mantle Convection Study with Lherzolite Material Modeling

Tubing Process Modeling

Animation Capturing Tube Forming Process From Sheet Steel

Image of Steel 1010 fracture surface after tube forming process

Student 9

Dislocation Dynamics Simulation Animation of Frank Read Sources in Iron

Multiscale Dislocation Dynamics Plasticity

Image of Dislocation Structure Evolution from MDDP Simulations using Tecplot

Carbon Nanotubes

[[Carbon Nanotubes|Table of Parameters for Carbon Nanotubes from Lower Lengthscale Simulations]

Student 10

"Sheet Forming"

"ICME of Sheet Forming of AZ31 Mg Alloys"

"Failure Analysis of an AZ91 Automotive Shock Tower"

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