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Overview of microMegas

MicroMegas (also known as 'mM') is an open source program for DD (Dislocation Dynamics) simulations originally developed at the 'Laboratoire d'Etude des Microstructures', CNRS-ONERA, France. mM is a free software under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. Discrete dislocation dynamics (DDD) is a numerical tool used to model the plastic behavior of crystalline materials using the elastic theory of dislocations. DDD is the computational counterpart to in site TEM tests. MicroMegas is a legacy simulation code used to study the plasticity of mono-crystalline metals, based on the elasticity theory that models the dislocation interactions into an elastic continuum. In crystalline materials, plastic deformation may be explained by (i) twinning, (ii) martensic transformation or/and (iii) dislocation interactions (see Figure 1).

The microscale material model is a research code that have been developed outside and used at CAVS for modeling dislocation interactions and reactions in an elastic continuum. The code is used in a hierarchical multiscale framework of the plasticity to obtained information related to the hardening of the material (see for example multiscale framework‎). Details of the discrete dislocations model can be found in the methodology‎ paper.

The discrete dislocation simulation code can be used for HCP, BCC and FCC materials.

Available Codes

  • Micromegas [1]
    • serial version mM
    • parallel version (openMP) mMpar


Please remember to cite the following references when publishing results obtained with microMegas:

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