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The Mission Eggcellence Challenge program has been placed on hold. Mrs. Rosemary Cuicchi has retired as of Feb. 15, 2012. Informtion about future workshops and competitions will be forth coming.

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K-5 Teachers 6-12 Teachers
Workshop date tba tba
Workshop time tba tba
Workshop location CAVS Building
Thad Cochran Research Park (MSU),
200 Research Blvd., Starkville, MS
Registration deadline tba tba
To register send email to Rosemary Cuicchi rcuicchi@cavs.msstate.edu
Include the following in your message:

(1) Name, (2) Email (3) School (4) Grade (5) County (6) District

Student competition tba tba

You will learn the basics of the physics and engineering aspects of a car crash and safety concerns. You will receive equipment and lesson plans to teach this to your students and to compete in the competitions to be held in the spring.

Mission Eggcellence Challenges: Bumper Construction & Automotive Construction

Students in grades k-12 will learn the physics and engineering aspects of a car crash and the impact on the passengers. Curriculum is grade appropriate and referenced to the MS standards for Science and Math.

One team of students per teacher (Team can consist of 1, 2 or 3 students) will design, construct, and test

  1. a bumper system
  2. a balsa wood car (6-12) or K’nex car (K-5) to reduce the impact forces on the passenger (a raw egg).

You must have at least one team compete in one of the four spring competitions: K-2, 3-5, 6-8 or 9-12

Teachers will receive the following materials:

  1. $150 stipend & CEUs
  2. Understanding Car Crashes video and teacher’s guide
  3. Curriculum
  4. 1 Bumper car and classroom set of bumpers
  5. 20 balsa wood kits or 15 K’nex kits
  6. 1 Newton’s cradle
  7. 1 digital scale
  8. 1 calculator
  9. Ramp, misc. materials and equipment

Enrollment is limited to 20 teachers for K-5 Workshop and 20 teachers for 6-12 Workshop

  1. 28 - public school teachers – (seven K-2, seven 3-5, seven 6-8, seven 9-12)
  2. 4 - private school teachers – (two K-5 and two 6-12)
  3. 4 - home school teachers – (two K-5 and two 6-12)
  4. 4 - public school teachers from waiting list
  5. Any vacancies from waiting list
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