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Please refer to the WikiMedia documentation for detailed instructions on creating links in your pages.

Here is a very brief introduction:

Note: There is a difference between creating links to pages in this Wiki and external pages.

1. To create a link to a page in this Wiki use the following syntax:

  • [[Page Name]] or
  • [[Page Name|Displayed text]].

For example, if you want to create link to "Test Page" use [[Test Page]] or [[Test Page| this is a link to my test page]], which will appear as Test Page or this is a link to my test page. (Click on Edit tab to see the source code).

2. To create a link to an external page use the following syntax:

  • or
  • [] or
  • [ link description].

For example,, [1] or search Google, respectively.

Note: For the external links use single brackets [], use the protocol name, typically http://, and the optional link description is not separated by the "pipe" character | (this is not a capital i, it is a vertical line often referred to by computer guys as a "pipe"). For external links, you do not need to use the pipe character because the valid URLs, i.e., page addresses, cannot use spaces, thus the first space serves as the deliminator between the address and the description.

3. To create a link to an email address use the following syntax:

  • John Doe ([]) or
  • John Doe [] or
  • [ John Doe].

For example, John Doe ([]), [] or [mailto: John Doe], will appear as John Doe (, as John Doe [2] or as John Doe.

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