Dual Phase (DP) Steel: Mechanical Testing Data

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Dual Phase (DP) Steel

Stress-Strain Data

Tensile Test Results for three DP steels using 2% tapered tensile specimens [1]
Uniaxial tensile test (experiment) result along with simulated microstresses of ferrite and martensite phases and the macrostress of DP 980. [2]
Room temperature stress–strain response (spotted) of three DP steels deformed isothermally in tension at 10-3/s, experiments vs. Work Hardening constitutive model. [3]
Results of uniaxial tensile tests with loading–unloading cycles conducted at three nominal strain rates (10-2/s, 10-3/s, 10-4/s). [4]
Uniaxial tensile test result for DP 980 steel at a strain rate of 10-4/s. [5]
Monotonic and reverse compression–tension (C–T) test experimental curves for DP 590 that illustrate the three characteristic regions of reverse hardening: Bauschinger effect, rapid transient strain hardening and ‘‘permanent’’ softening [6]
Stress–strain behavior of constituent phases in steel DP 980 in comparison to experimental results (dotted) [7]
Uniaxial tension tests were conducted for seven steels in rolling direction at a nominal strain rate of ~3x10-3 using standard ASTM E8 tensile specimens (gage region 50.8 mmin length and 12.7 mmin width). [8]

Fatigue Life Data

DP 590

Strain Life Curve [9]

DP 690

Strain Life Curve [9]

DP 965

Strain Life Curve [9]


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