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Model calibration tools allow to derive material constants for specific material models from experimental data.

Task objectives

Develop, documentation, and validation of model calibration tools. First, the models are developed as stand-alone prototypes for testing and validation. The validated tools with a hardened implementation are then released for the integration with the cyberinfrastructure, and the documentation is developed. All tools (integrated with the CI or not) require maintenance and upgrades according to the users feedback. In addition, the user support for the tools will be provided as a part of this task.

The integration of a tool with the CI requires performing the following steps:

  • Conversion of the tool into a Web Service
  • Development of Web browser-based GUI
  • Design of metadata format for the model results
  • Implementation of XSL transformation to display the results in the Web page
  • Providing a support in GUI for uploading the input data for the tool
  • Testing and validation
  • Maintenance and user support

Available and Planned tools

Tool Name Status Integrated with CI
MSU ISV plasticity-damage (DMGfit) (*) Released yes
Microstructure Analyzer (Image Analyzer) (*) Released prototype
Multistage Fatigue (MSF) (*) Released prototype
VEP Polymer (is this TP?) (*)  ? no
VPSC Crystal Deformation] (*) prototype no
EMMI prototype no

Tools marked with (*) has been explicitly promised in SRCLID Phase III proposal

Other tools and utilities

CRYMPS, Mapping C, MSC, PQplots, Usin, DANN, DSR, Ras2dbf, PRTpost, mM, mMpar

  • Which of these are model calibration tools, as opposed to utilities or simulation codes?

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