ICME8990 Student Contributions(Fall 2013)

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Student 1

Help:Creating a New Page - Added explanation for creating new pages

Heat Treatment Processes - Annealing, Precipitation Hardening, Slight reformat


Macroscale material model

Image - Bullet mold

Animation - A7 steel tension test

Student 2

Picture - Graph
Electronic Scale - Overview
Picture - Multiscale Modeling

Student 3

Uncertainty - Uncertainty Analysis overview, Statistical Methods Added, Picture
Heat Treatment Processes - Overview of various processes
Material Models - Under MSF, added link to MSF Uncertainty
MSF Uncertainty

Student 4

Experiments-Structure-Property Relations of Paddlefish Cartilage

ICME overview for Paddlefish Rostrum

Bio-inspired section update

ICME Paddlefish image

Paddlefish images

Student 5

Macroscale section update and Genetic Algorithm section added

Metamodeling section corrections and update

Biomaterials and Bio-inspired section update

Football Helmet Simulation Image

Football Helmet Simulation Animation

Student 6

Overview of birds' beaks section create

Bio-inspired design section update

Structural scale of the woodpecker beak section create

Image of the structural scale of the woodpecker beak

Wave propagation at hyoid bone simulation

Student 7

Corrosion Behaviour of Extruded AM30 Magnesium Alloy

Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of Extruded AM30 Magnesium Alloy

Corrosion Fatigue Uncertainty

Student 8

Overview for Geomaterial with Multiscale Modeling Perspective

Structural Scale: Mantle Convection Study with Lherzolite Material Modeling

Tubing Process Modeling

Animation Capturing Tube Forming Process From Sheet Steel

Image of Steel 1010 fracture surface after tube forming process

Student 9

Dislocation Dynamics Simulation Animation of Frank Read Sources in Iron

Multiscale Dislocation Dynamics Plasticity

Image of Dislocation Structure Evolution from MDDP Simulations using Tecplot

Carbon Nanotubes

Table of Parameters for Carbon Nanotubes from Lower Lengthscale Simulations

Student 10

"Sheet Forming"

"ICME of Sheet Forming of AZ31 Mg Alloys"

Failure Analysis of an AZ91 Automotive Shock Tower


Student 11

"Personal Protective Equipment"

"Football Helmet Performance Modeling"

"Animation of Rawlings Football Helmet During NOCSAE Drop Test"

"Animation of Riddell Football Helmet During NOCSAE Drop Test"

SEM Image of Open-Cell Polyurethane Foam

Student 12

Polymeric Composite Overwrap Pressure Vessel (COPV) Multiscale Modeling

A study on the effects of blast loading and failure of a building exterior cladding and its column collapse.

A simulation using Active Mesh Refinement to model spalling of metal from 2D penetrating fragment and 3D bullet impact.

A simulation of high velocity bullet impacting a square composite plate.

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