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ICME Demonstration Project to Support the Development of Magnesium Front End Structure - Phase 1

Phase 1 efforts at Mississippi State University

Executive Summary

The goal of this MsSt ICME demo project was to apply key enabling technology being developed for advanced lightweight magnesium processes and alloys to validate and predict mechanical responses of a front end demo structure, including process-structure-property relationships. The key enabling technologies being developed by MsSt are: internal state material model, fatigue model, extrusion process modeling, sheet forming, and the validation of demo parts. The front end demo structure is consisted of top rails made of AZ31 sheet materials, shock tower of AM 60 and AM90, and lower rail of AM30 extrusion; those parts were supplied by USAMP partners, as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Shock tower and connecting parts.

In this report, we demonstrate the development of key databases and the associated models in which it shows the capability of simulation and optimization at the component level for high-integrity magnesium castings, extrusions and sheet product. The scientific understanding in processing-structure-property relationships has been captured in MsSt ICME Cyberinfrastructure. This Cyberinfrastructure is being developed with an ambitious obdective of providing a platform for the integration of models from different domains to enable development of comprehensive and robust processing-structure-property relationships which can also be integrated with manufacturing simulation and design CAE. The Cyberinfrastructure will also provide a platform for the optimization of alloys, manufacturing processes and components. The program will be conducted as a research collaboration between researchers and organizations in Canada, China and the United States and will serve as an international pilot project for the new Integrated Computational Materials Engineering movement within the materials profession.


A. Microstructure-Sensitive Fatigue Modeling for Magnesium Materials and Components

B. ICME of Extrusion Processing and Post Forming

C. ICME of Sheet Forming of AZ31 Mg Alloys

D. ICME Demo Validation and Zone Mapping

E. Cyberinfrastructure for ICME



  • M.F. Horstemeyer, Integrated Computational Materials Engineering for Metals: Using Multiscale Modeling to Invigorate Engineering Design with Science, Wiley, 2011. [1]


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