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MSU ISV Plasticity-Damage Model

The Mississippi State University Internal State Variable (ISV) plasticity-damage model (DMG) production version 1.0 is being released along with its model calibration tool (DMGfit). The model equations and material model fits are explained in CAVS Technical Report: MSU.CAVS.CMD.2009-R0010.pdf. This model is based upon Bammann, DJ, Chiesa, ML, Horstemeyer, MF, Weingarten, LI, "Failure in Ductile Materials Using Finite Element Methods," Structural Crashworthiness and Failure, eds. Wierzbicki and Jones, Elsevier Applied Science, The Universities Press (Belfast) Ltd, 1993 and Horstemeyer, MF, Lathrop, J, Gokhale, AM, and Dighe, M, "Modeling Stress State Dependent Damage Evolution in a Cast Al-Si-Mg Aluminum Alloy," Theoretical and Applied Mech., Vol. 33, pp. 31-47, 2000. This model will predict the plasticity and failure in a metal alloy. It can be initialized to have different heterogeneous microstructures within the finite element mesh.

The DMG model is implemented as an ABAQUS user material (UMAT and VUMAT) subroutines for production run finite element simulations. For consistency, the same UMAT is utilized for model calibration (determining the material constants) by the DMGfit tool. The calibrated model constants can be directly merged by DMGfit into the "USER MATERIAL, CONSTANTS" section an existing ABAQUS input deck.

The DMG model in the UMAT and VUMAT codes as well as a stand-alone DMGfit tool are available from the online code repository.

A user guide for the DMGfit tool based on the updated DMG model (55p-v1p1) may be found here.

A version of the DMGfit tool based on the previous DMG model (version 1.0, or 54p-v1p0) is still available. Please refer to the documentation (DMGfit-Tutorial.pptx; online help and tutorial) to learn how to use this tool.


An in depth tutorial of DMGfit can be found here.

A video tutorial of Mississippi State University Internal State Variable (ISV) plasticity-damage model (DMG) production version 1.0 can be found here.



CAVS Technical Report: MSU.CAVS.CMD.2009-R0010.pdf


Uncertainty analysis of the MSU ISV Plasticity-Damage Model

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